Copper Canyon


    Copper Canyon continues the adventures of beautiful Detective Socorro Castillo, her friends and lovers. The story takes place mostly in the rugged canyons of Mexico's Sierra Tarahumara, also known as Barrancas de Cobres. Socorro's older beloved brother has been missing for five years and is rumored to be living in the canyons with the isolated freedom loving Raramuri Indians. Socorro has vowed to find him and in the attempt she discovers a world of Cartel killers, unequalled mountain & river beauty, an ancient Indian culture, strange characters, and competing romance from her past. The reader will also find some history of the canyon area, descriptions of other portions of Mexico and hopefully some imbedded humor.

    It may well be that after enjoying this novel and researching travel to the area, you will add Mexico's Copper Canyon to your bucket list. Deeper and larger than Arizona's Grand Canyon, few other places offer such extremes of geology/geography, such ease of exposure to an ancient and persistent culture and their grievous history, or such opportunities for photography, hiking or sharing nature. At the same time, a first class railroad provides scenic access from two different Mexican air terminals and luxury accommodations once you get there. Tour guides and transportation are readily available.

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