Mount Rushmore’s Legacy


    The legacy of Mount Rushmore is and will always be the contributions to America of the four great men encased in that mountain’s granite – Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Roosevelt. However, imagine if these American icons could mysteriously come alive, and travel through today’s Middle America to view and hear the country’s moods and problems. This story then gives them the privilege of presenting their observations and wisdom to a joint session of Congress. They preach common sense, integrity, fiscal solutions and cooperation to the current Congress, a Congress

that many consider to be totally

dysfunctional. Each president

is given a new identity and

they travel incognito through

countryside and city,

experiencing emotional

encounters and humorous

scenes. They each visit

their family homes and

relate some unique American

history to their escorting hosts, for instance, George Washington to Mount Vernon and Jefferson at Monticello. A concurrent story thread involves the Sioux Indian Nation and their ongoing attempt to regain ownership of the Black Hills and Mount Rushmore.

    This book is admittedly surreal, but is intended to entertain while emphasizing the need to retain

Constitutional Law, protect our

precious American freedoms and

honor the traditional pursuit of

life, liberty and happiness in a

society that seems to be more

contentious than it need be, much

more divided than it should be.

No one book can change the

future, but it can try.

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Mount Rushmore’s Legacy