O’ Taheiti Dreamin’


How does an author describe a dream as in this title? He writes a story about a family’s vacation to one of the most beautiful places in this world, present day Tahiti. And then he takes it one step further – goes back in time 200 years to what was then called O’Taheiti – an unspoiled island paradise, a visual tropical banquet, where the native Polynesians had thrived semi-peacefully and undiscovered for a thousand years. Explorers, whalers, and opportunists arrive and bring their western cultures and diseases to a pure and innocent race of noble savages.

This book is the sequel to The Edge of Time (published 2013) and continues the Stockton family adventures. Two sets of twins and their friends time travel back to O’Taheiti to the year 1818; one of the twins is on a mission to find the father of her half Tahitian twin sons. It might be called a story of intertwined realistic fantasy. The reader will find many new interesting characters, stories within stories, and a history and description of a Tahitian environment and their old loving way of life. Let your imagination soar, perhaps to dream.

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